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The surprising factors in making strategy come alive

12:40 30 minutes presentation Stage 1
Shinyoung Lyu Adidas

Adidas has launched its Own the Game strategy. In fact, any company, team, or individual strategizes for their win. But let’s be honest. Do you know your strategy? And how do you execute one? Since I joined the company, I have noticed the magic of making something as ambiguous as the word ‘strategy’ come to life – almost as a powerful sports chant. I want to share what adidas aims to achieve and how we live our strategy.

Shinyoung Lyu

Shinyoung Lyu


A well-rounded leader with strategic thinking, creativity, and an entrepreneurial problem-solving mindset.

  • Effectively bringing meaningful services and propositions to the world with a strong drive for results
  • Enjoy creating meaningful innovation and positive business results
  • Purposeful and calm leadership style
  • Cross-cultural and worldwide experience

– Digital strategy director at adidas

– Ecommerce innovation director at Reckitt

– Startup founder and entrepreneur at Social Beverages

– Sr consumer marketing manager at Philips

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