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The success case study of Heinz Ketchup Zero: attention metrics in practice

12:40 30 minutes presentation Stage 6
Angela Tropper Teads Netherlands

Attention metrics in practice: we will show you the results of the success case of a campaign for ketchup, which is done in collaboration with Dentsu Benelux and Lumen. During this presentation, Angela Tropper reveals how through a few simple in-flight optimizations, it has been possible to produce a 20% improvement in performance, demonstrating the actionable application of live attention measures.

Angela Tropper

Angela Tropper

Teads Netherlands

For more than a decade, Angela has worked at the paid (digital) advertising and media, working with leading brands and agencies. After years of experience within one of the biggest publishers in the Netherlands, she is now Sales Director within Teads Netherlands. Angela has comprehensive knowledge on several topics, such as Attention Economy, where Teads together with partners does research on.

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