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The power of offline engagement, fueled by online social reach

12:40 30 minutes presentation Stage 3
Koen Derks Youseum

Allbirds and Glossier are just a few examples brands that went from online-only to also creating offline points to interact with their customers. This offline/online omni-channel approach creates opportunities for brands to interact with their customers in unsuspected, fun, and impactful offline situations, all while fueling online strategies with authenticity, relevancy, and content.

Koen Derks

Koen Derks


Before starting Youseum, Koen worked in finance in New York. This is where he went on a date to an Instagram Museum. He fell in love with the creativity, virality and business of this new and exciting concept. He decided to bring this concept to Europe by starting in Amsterdam. Youseum, the museum all about YOU is no in 3 cities and expanding further into Europe.

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