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Scale Your Business & Profit Using Native Advertising

14:40 30 minutes presentation Stage 1
Magdalena Flick Outbrain Simon Alfter Finanzguru (by dwins GmbH)

From Clark to Finanzguru: Boost your new user acquisition strategy and grow your qualitative customer base with native advertising. 

Simon Alfter, VP of Marketing at Finanzguru and former Head of Performance Marketing at Clark, shares his performance marketing success stories with Outbrain. Learn how he managed to increase his app downloads, grow his qualitative customer base, and boost performance KPIs with Native Advertising.”

Magdalena Flick

Magdalena Flick


With over 10 years of experience in Advertising Technology, Magdalena has been working at Outbrain for 8 years now.
Her current position is Managing Director, Benelux in which she is leading the offices located in Brussels and Amsterdam. Her passion is to excite marketers to reach new users, matched with premium publishers that have built these users over decades of journalism. This is where the open web journey unfolds.

Simon Alfter

Simon Alfter

Finanzguru (by dwins GmbH)

Simon is an experienced marketeer in the German Fintech industry.

He is currently leading the marketing department at Finanzguru – one of the most downloaded finance apps in Germany. Previously he was responsible for performance marketing at CLARK – one of Europe’s Insurtech unicorns. Simon knows how to scale businesses using a Multi-Channel-Marketing approach.

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