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Performance content, from quantity to quality conversions

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Hossein Houssaini Havas Group

Can we keep on doing advertising the way we do or does the perception change? Content is King; Distribution is Queen! But how do we get there and help brands with their return on ad spend? How do we drive conversions in a meaningful way for brands addressing audiences through data? Thinking in creative & media, we need to transform and build around data first as a centre before considering activation to target and optimise the best possible way and deliver meaningful content. We need a mindset change and plan holistically onsite and offsite to empower and engage our audiences.

Hossein Houssaini

Hossein Houssaini

Havas Group

Hossein Houssaini joined Havas Media in 2015 with the mission to build the global music data alliance between Havas and Universal Music Group (Vivendi). Since the beginning of 2017, he also consults clients on a group level for creative and media. He has helped to create a global training program (, which today is part of every Havas’ employees development plan. Previous to HAVAS, Hossein created IPG Mediabrands’ first Trading Desk, Cadreon, and shortly after acted as Director Technology for all audience buying platforms. Before joining Cadreon in 2012, Hossein worked for Google as a sales manager role re-establishing the Rich Media business for DACH & the Nordics. In 2017 Hossein joined the global board of This community is comprised of the most extensive international group of industry leaders on the forefront of Smart Data Marketing, ranging from CMOs to top Data Scientists.

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