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Let The Cookie Crumble

14:40 30 minutes presentation Stage 4
Pieter van Rekom Quantcast

The cookie has been crumbling for a while now across Safari and Firefox, so how are you assessing the success of your marketing based on just half the addressable/measurable internet? It’s time to find a new normal.

Pieter van Rekom

Pieter van Rekom


Pieter van Rekom, Manager Benelux for Quantcast.

Pieter joined Quantcast as one of the first employees focusing on the Benelux market. Pieter is helping both advertisers and agencies get the most out of their digital advertising, navigate the ever complex world of programmatic advertising, and delivering insights that can drive their business forward. Prior to Quantcast, his previous role was at Oracle, where he specialized in cloud platforms. Outside of his passion for digital marketing and real time media, Pieter enjoys gaming, hiking and traveling.

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