Digital Marketing Live!

How AI can help give us time back

14:00 30 minutes Stage 1
James Murray Bing Ads EMEA

Bringing to life how we as humans are interacting with AI and how you don’t have to be the largest business to utilise this new world. Adrian will build a bot live on stage and help us understand our human place in this new future that is NOW.

James Murray

James Murray

Bing Ads EMEA

James Murray works for Microsoft and is the Product Marketing Manager for Bing Ads across EMEA. In his role he is responsible for refining Bing’s brand positioning in Europe and orchestrating engineering engagement in the region in order to inform product development of the Bing Network. James connects sales, marketing and engineering to develop and execute local product marketing plans across 14 regions. He is a passionate storyteller and product evangelist, being a regular contributor at industry events across the globe.

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