Digital Marketing Live!

From strategy to execution, how to drive growth at your business

30 minutes presentation
Ferdinand Goetzen 3D Hubs

One of the biggest challenges for companies these days is bridging the gap between the theoretical development of growth marketing strategy and the practical implementation and execution of it. This talk will explain how to develop a strong, all-encompassing growth strategy that covers the whole customer journey and how to effectively execute on it; covering everything from how to set up your growth team to setting the right goals, to developing experiments, campaigns and playbooks that serve the overall strategy.

Ferdinand Goetzen will offer actionable insights and examples, drawing from his experience leading growth Recruitee and 3D Hubs as well as working with hundreds of companies of all shapes and sizes during his time at Growth Tribe, including the likes of Pipedrive, KLM and ING. 

Ferdinand Goetzen

Ferdinand Goetzen

3D Hubs

Ferdinand Goetzen is the Director of Marketing & Growth at 3D Hubs, an on-demand manufacturing platform tipped to be one of the Netherlands’ next unicorns. He was previously the Chief Growth Officer at Recruitee, one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in Europe. He has worked with hundreds of companies from Pipedrive to KLM, helping them develop and execute strategies for growth. He is an active voice in the field of Growth Marketing having previously been the Lead Trainer & Growth Marketer at the Growth Tribe Academy and regularly being featured on leading events and podcasts.