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CTV: Transforming Traditional TV

11:20 30 minutes Stage 3
Willem de Vries Quantcast

The new age is here, with CTV. What display ads did for print, CTV is doing for linear TV. Together, we will look at the challenges this new format faces, what place it has in our media strategies, and what the future of CTV will look like.

But most importantly, discover why CTV should be a part of every media plan and what impact it has. 

Willem de Vries

Willem de Vries


Willem de Vries, born and raised in the Netherlands, joined Quantcast in December 2019 from New York. Having started his career in online advertising, Quantcast’s offerings sparked his interest. Now, with an array of clients, Willem helps agencies, brands and marketeers, connect with customers more effectively and efficiently. Utilising real-time, first-party data, to drive unmatched marketing outcomes.

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