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Building your brand before your start-up hits puberty.

12:00 30 minutes presentation Stage 1
Gerben van der Zwaard dentsuACHTUNG!

Building a business is like raising a toddler. It’s all about priorities. First learn to walk, then to talk, and then to use the potty. Similarly, with startups, first you define your product, business model, then distribution. And for both, character, talent and traits will follow. 

Just like the first 1000 days are influencing a child’s future health and happiness, it pays off to start building your brand from the moment your business is born.

Gerben van der Zwaard

Gerben van der Zwaard


Gerben van der Zwaard is strategy director at dentsuACHTUNG! and runs the agency’s hub that specializes in brand positioning and identity work. The past years, the team crafted the foundation for brands like Crisp, Check and Catawiki. Their latest work for new-kid-on-the-dock Propel sets sail to be the revolution in electric boat propulsion.

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