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Believe, buy, belong: creating loyal customers through purpose

13:20 30 minutes presentation Stage 3
Lotte Derichs-Sluiter Capgemini

Loyalty isn’t bought, it’s earned!

Today people don’t just buy products and services. They want to feel connected with the companies where they buy and get a feeling that they belong with this company, its community, and its purpose. These kinds of relationships aren’t static and should not be taken for granted, like in our private lives we need to keep working on our relationships to deepen and strengthen them.

During this presentation we’d like to share our vision on how to build genuine sustainable human loyalty and to inspire you to create loyalty your customers will love.

Lotte Derichs-Sluiter

Lotte Derichs-Sluiter


As a marketing consultant I bridge the business with technology within the customer engagement suite, specifically in my interest area of loyalty. So in other words how do you come from a strategy into specific requirements and processes to eventually find the best technology fit for a company or brand.
As a former athlete I am goal-oriented with a personal mission: to improve the quality (of life), both on a business level for clients and end-customers as on a personal level.

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