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Achieving Event Excellence – Manage & Automate Events with Selligent Marketing Cloud

12:40 30 minutes Stage 6
John Eising De Heeren van Veertig Plus

Sligro, a wholesaler that operates in the B2B space was challenged to create an event management process which includes automation, personalisation, a customer facing website and back office, mobile integration and online payment module. De Heeren van Veertig Plus enabled Sligro to do just that and more, powered by Selligent Marketing Cloud.

Join this session, with De Heeren van Veertig Plus to learn how you can build automated, engaging and integrated marketing that delivers engagement and ROI.

John Eising

John Eising

De Heeren van Veertig Plus

John Eising is eigenaar van De Heeren Van Veertig Plus. De Heeren Van Veertig Plus eten, drinken en slapen Selligent! Binnen dit Marketing Automation platform hebben we diverse applicaties ontwikkeld voor Event Management, Online Ticket Verkoop, Download Platform, Training Modules, Dynamische Handleidingen en nog veel meer.

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