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Hoe kan je als moderne marketeer bij dragen aan een nieuwe en duurzame wereld?

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Willem Vola A Brand New World

Do you ever wonder what we would do if we could do it all over again with the same knowledge we have today? What if we could rewind the clock 200.000 years and start all over. Would we still choose to create an industrial system that depletes all natural resources and spoils our atmosphere in a period of a 100 years knowing it took billions of years to create it. Would we still produce and distribute our food in such a way that in some parts of the world children die of obesity and in others of starvation? Would we allow inequality in education and opportunities? Would we let conflict and anxiety tear up countries and families? I believe we wouldn’t. I believe we would create A Brand New World for our children and our childrens children in which they all can live healthy and happy lives in a clean environment. Where sustainable quality is a central theme both in the relations we have with each other as in the products, education, healthcare and other services we create and use. Reality however is that we cannot do it all over again. The nearest earth like exo planet is at best 4,4 light years away. This new location will unfortunately not be reachable for the foreseeable future. And only Elon Musk and his friends will live on Mars in this century.

Therefore we have to create this Brand New World on our own planet Earth and we shouldn’t waste time doing it now. Mankind has proven in the industrial and current information age it can achieve a lot and is able to solve complex problems. All we now have to do is move to the age of wisdom and make sure we solve the right problems. This brand new world cannot be created by a small group of politicians or scientists. For real impactful change we also have to mobilize the masses. For this we need a whole generation of new marketeers that can help make it easier to do the right thing. These new marketeers should focus on the creation of delightful and sustainable products and experiences that appeal long term to the hearts of the people on this planet.

Starting this year they should be aware of the footprint of their marketing activities (estimated 3% in NL of total CO2 equivalents) and make sure that every piece of advertising they deploy is not immediately waisted.

Willem Vola

Willem Vola

A Brand New World

Willem Vola is a entrepreneurial marketing & sales professional with broad experience in modern day brandbuilding, online marketing and digital transformation processes. Strong in both strategy development as well as delivering results.

He has made it his mission to create better marketeers and marketing organizations to enable the creation of A Brand New World.

Using his 15 years of experience at P&G, FrieslandCampina and several innovative tech scale ups he has developed a modern day brandbuilding framework that enables marketeers to make successful changes in the world with their brands. The framework unlocks the power of your imagination as well as the potential of modern day technologies to bring about extraordinary results.

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